Private Chef Services

Prepared Food

These two words often fail to resonate with people these days. Yet, we lead busy lives and don't always have the time to cook, much less menu plan and grocery shop.

But what if your food was prepared just for you and was made with high-quality, seasonal, organic and local ingredients? And what if you could have those meals delivered to your door?

Sound good? It is.

At Saffron Lane we work closely with you to design customized menus that meet your needs. And we want to know everything –your fondness for frisée, your disdain for dill weed, your desire to meet that health goal you've set and your very favorite comfort foods.

How do we find all of this out?

First, we ask that you and your family sit down and review our food assessment questionnaire. Tell us about your preferences. Next, we'll speak with you about your needs and expectations and create a custom plan that works best for you. Finally, you'll come home to beautifully prepared meals that you simply heat and enjoy.

Maybe we should start calling it well-prepared food. Click here to see the kinds of dishes we've prepared for our clients.